Must-read articles that will sharpen your leadership skills

Don’t Ruminate
It has been the customary standard that employees moved upward in their careers, especially from fulfilling a role of an ‘acting’ manager or director. With the influence of mobile communications, differences, in workforce generations; and, flattened organizations, these elements have changed that traditional pattern. Promotions that would have resulted from a provisional run in an acting capacity are now… (read full article)

How to Be a Multi-Generational Leader
Today’s leaders are facing an unparalleled mix of generations in their work environments, the Silent, the Boomers, GenX and GenY or often called, the Millennials.  Their challenge is to foster and support these individuals to work in partnership together, resolve conflict with positive results, permit different working techniques; and, allow for life balance expectations from each age group. In this article, we offer guidelines that you can practice… (read full article)

Practices that Regenerate Momentum
It’s not uncommon today to hear startup executive leaders complain of employee disillusionment and loss of momentum as to when the employees first joined the company.   In our work with a promising IT provider, we heard this comment repeatedly from the team leaders, “We started off great but quickly lost our momentum in a matter of months.  And, now we can’t seem to regain that excitement and… (read full article)

Building Trust in Your Leadership
How do you know if you do not have trust in the workplace?  Find out about the behaviors from your staff or colleagues that you need to pay attention to. Learn the practices you will need to earn trust or rebuild tarnished trust. Learn questions to ask yourself when you need to strengthen trust practices… (read full article)

Selecting Key Talent for Leadership
Learn criteria you can use when selecting talent to fill unpredicted vacancies.  Also, questions to ask yourself when choosing someone who will have the leadership skills and impact that will build and nurture commitment from other staff… (read full article)

When Innovation Takes Perseverance
Find out how you and your team can harness persistence and perseverance for innovative success.  Learn ideas that you should consider using as your foundation for action, and questions to ask yourself when your team needs to solidify their… (read full article)

Developing the Next Leaders
The process of becoming a true ‘leader’ is a journey that mandates commitment, discipline, passion, competency; and, an awareness of social relationships, personally and professionally. Learn the characteristics that potential leaders possess.  Learn questions you should ask yourself as you develop your next… (read full article)

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