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“In the last five years, we senior leaders adopted several different leadership models, but none seemed to remain and serve the values of our clinical and administrative staff.   We needed to converge on a model that not only fulfilled the ‘calling to healthcare’; but, also allowed all personnel to practice their individual gift without the rigidity of healthcare organizations.  Our work with the coaches from Walks Beside Coaching was a full two year program that was demanding; and, challenged every level of our staff to practice leadership principles based on trust.  We are proud to say that, with their guidance, we have built a leadership model that is shaped by our values, increased our sense of collectiveness; and, has transformed how we engage each other for success.  When you want to build a lasting foundation for leadership, our recommendation is to use the coaches from Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting.”
– Executive Director, Cardiac Services & Health

“With the coaching help I received from Walks Beside Coaching, I realized that my courage & commitment in nurse leadership had dimmed.  They put me back in touch with the absolute, fundamental values of the reasons I became a nurse in the first place.  I become conscious that my contribution has a larger impact than just the floors of this center.  It wasn’t easy.  Looking at what you’ve come to accept today is tough.  With their coaching guidance, I regained my inner strength to provide a healing presence for the’ at-risk’ first time mother or the COPD patient without any family to help them when they return home.  Just the word, thanks, is not enough.”
– Director, County Health, Education, & Wellness

“My team and I learned how to identify and change many of the common speech patterns we use today; but, are mostly misunderstood.  Coaching provided positive support to create a trusting atmosphere that allowed us to feel safe enough to venture into uncharted territory.  Having worked with Walks Beside, I’m seeing some promising changes in confidence and self-assuredness in my actions and decisions, enabling me and my direct managers to move forward in business more creatively than before.  Through this transformation, they have guided and supported all of us as advisors and architectural consultants to walk together into the future without the blueprints of the past.  We have renewed partnership and commitment between us as a ‘resident oriented’ organization.”
– Executive Director -The Alhambra Retirement Community & Lutheran Health Facility

“The experience has freed me to concentrate on making positive contributions in my job rather than becoming entangled in occasional mistakes and shortcomings.  I have been reminded to view mistakes as learning opportunities, not as failures.  I have accepted my short-comings as challenges to further develop my character.”
– Auxiliary Operations Manager, Front Porch Living Communities

“One of the lasting gifts from the Walks Beside programs is the importance of giving ourselves time for expansion.  It is not often that we give ourselves consent for reflection and challenging those assessments that may not serve us well at this point in our professional and personal lives.  Their coaching helped me realize that coaching is not the admission of weakness; but, a vital part of my future development.”
– Director Product Marketing, Network Innovations

“As a Director in the public sector, I was particularly impressed with your workshops.  It provided great insight on prioritizing needs, the coordination of action steps for goal achievement; and, how to leave the legacy language behind that was damaging inter-departmental trust.  Your workshops should be required for workers and supervisors at all levels.”
– Director Project Management, Los Angeles County

(Visit this link to read client Success Stories)

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