All of our custom programs are based on an Ontological Coaching Methodology ( ) We use these approaches  to resolve “breakdowns” along with music and body movement to affect moods, emotions and conversations. The ultimate results to outcomes during or after our programs have given us and our clients great joy in being able to resolve “whatever ails you”.

Please call for a conversation about having your custom program designed for your next convention, or inhouse delivery.

3 day “Program for Training Internal Coaches”

2 day “N.I.C.E.” Program  (Need, Intent, Commitment, Execution)

1 day “Face to Face” conversations for Teenagers.

“Coaching Skills for Educational Leaders”

“Culture Matters”

“Make Things Happen”

Rebuilding Trust (Several day programs)

1 day “Living a Totally Concious Day”

Teleclasses (Small Sample)

Are You a Solutioneer

Is Guilt hovering over you

Trusting your own judgment

After Loss – What’s Next

Getting out of the blame game

Resolving Conflict in Organizations

How to Make Requests & Provide Real Value

Trust in Caregiving

Using Clarity for the Multi-Generational Workforce

What is Meaningful Success?