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  • Avoiding Disappointment (0) October 13, 2017 Bradley Ann Morgan

    How many times were you measured unfairly by an unspoken expectation that someone else thought you should know, perform a certain action, or respond in a specific form? Unfortunately, this measurement happens to almost everyone, in every culture, regardless of gender, and in every industry.
    The routine of life is not without disappointments, but there are choices you can make to control the occurrence of disappointments and decrease your psychological stress.
    • As in resolving conflict, placing blame, moving blame, or trying now to be the winner from disappointment will only deepen the canyon between all parties. When you are able to engage in conversation, stress what the future can be when you reach resolution. It will be vital to state your individual future, or the company’s future, with the benefits from your collaboration together. You will find it heartening to all others when they realize their efforts are directly responsible for their professional development or the company’s revenue increases and subsequent success.
    • Identify the outcome you expect from a car service mechanic, a family member, the PTA chairman, or anyone you will be receiving a product or result from. For instance, if your outcome is a new cell phone, you will want to specify model, the quantity of them, possibly a color selection (if color is a choice), the monthly phone fees, the options required for your cell use, and a specified time frame for you to pick it up. This may seem a laborious process, but your result will be the exact phone you desire.
    • In the work environment, determine the overall goal or objective with the team members. Frequently, managers think the team will pursue the exact procedure that the manager would. If the team is creative and innovative, they may not have a common philosphy on how to produce the expected outcome. Managers should define the result, not the process that the employees will follow to produce the book, the food product, or the budget plan. Most importantly, communicate your expectations in language the team can understand and a feedback vehicle if the plan becomes jeopardized. Hold the ‘fancy’ words for vision statements and public speeches.
    • In all relationships, an explanation of ‘why’ will be useful if your disappointment is from a recurring situation. If your spouse always drapes the dry-cleaning over the couch and this annoys you, explain that your shirts become wrinkled again when they are not hanging up. Anything that has a consequence can be re-structured by making small necessary changes. Last, also be courteous in listening to their response and make apologies where necessary.

  • Recognizing the Signs for Change (0) September 19, 2017 Bradley Ann Morgan

    In our work this year with a board of directors, all seasoned veterans, the Director of Finance retained us for
    individual coaching. He believed he was in a phase of ‘restlessness’ in his personal life, which was spilling
    over into the professional world. He described his daily condition of edginess, a lack of harmony, a feeling of
    constant nagging, but he couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. Restlessness is not an uncommon
    experience. Often times we may not know what it means, but feel a huge discomfort that something is out of
    order. What causes it?

    Inner restlessness is not tied to chronological age, financial wealth, or gender. Frequently, it can occur after
    significant experiences of upheaval such as, career disillusionment, divorce, home relocation, surviving a
    traumatic event or illness, even the death of loved ones. Many people have reported that occurrences like these
    have proven to be defining moments of what is earnestly meaningful.

    Whatever may be calling you or nagging you for change will be a journey of exploration. Think of your
    exploration as a personal phase of discovery. Give yourself permission for the time to evaluate and examine the
    following areas:
    • Take a deep look into your current activities, personal interests, and professional associations. Have you
    outgrown any of these memberships? It is possible that your values have shifted with experience,
    nationwide events, and long or lost relationships. Your needs today may be different with regard to
    generosity, self-worth, compassion, or unconditional service than they were when you were a fledging
    member. Investigate groups that share the same values you treasure. Leave those that do not meet with
    your needs now.
    • What is the predominate mood you currently have in the state of restlessness? Are you feeling anxiety,
    a sensation of resentment, an awareness of melancholy, or an overwhelming level of dread? Emotions
    such as these can indicate that an area(s) of your daily life that burden you. If so, identify where these
    emotions are coming from, a specific location, a specific person or group, or a specific responsibility
    that you need other resources to help resolve. What and where are the resources that can give you
    relief? If your mood is a sense of urgency, an intuitive sense of unfinished business, or an increasing
    perception that you need to get involved in a humanitarian mission, then you have the foundation for
    619 McLeary Square, Leesburg, VA. 20175 Phone: 703-348-7271
    great contribution. Your inner gears are spinning so that you are ready to make events happen. Find the
    cause that you can be proud of participating in and find fulfillment.
    • Look beyond financial rewards. Certainly you will want to maintain providing basic financial support
    for yourself and your family. However, look intensely into your present occupation. The company may
    pay you adequately, but enough to make you feel appreciated and truly needed in your work position?
    • Reflect on inner interpretations, then new perspectives. We all have belief structures that we live from
    and use for our existing worldview. Scrutinize the stories you’ve fashioned about how the world is. Do
    any of these stories sift out reality?

    “When we tire of well-worn ways, we seek for new. This restless craving in the souls of men spurs them to climb, and
    to seek the mountain view. “ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  • Making a New Nest Takes Patience (0) August 30, 2017 Bradley Ann Morgan

    As many of you know, we have relocated our home and offices to Gilbert, AZ, 20 minutes south of Phoenix. And, as all you have moved sometime in your life, you also know the number of boxes and displaced furniture that goes along with that event. Like birds, we’re having to make a new nest. So in coaching ourselves, we have to recognize that patience is a necessity during this whole process. And, patience requires acceptance. Acknowledgement that boxes will exist for weeks, furniture may have to be moved more than once; and, new utility services established for the business operations. All of this does not happen in one week or even one month. Consequently, patience has to be a daily practice along with thought for gratefulness.

    Even if you’re not physically moving, there will be changes to your personal life, even professional life. So, in the middle of your movement, ask yourself:
    Am I being fair to myself in expecting change to happen overnight?
    How will I establish new practices to accommodate change and movement?
    How can I appreciate any new changes to my life while seeing the opportunity it brings me?

    I can’t the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
    Jimmy Dean

  • Walks Beside Coaching Moves to Arizona (0) July 23, 2017 Site Admin

    Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting Announces Arizona Office Move

    Moving to Hi-Tech Corridor We Can Provide Both Startups & Established Companies Tools for Workforce Engagement!

    Gilbert, AZ – – – July 23, 2017 – – – Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting (WBCC), an outstanding coaching company with offices in Virginia, announced their move to the hi-tech corridor off 202 in Arizona. This will provide WBCC an opportunity to help the Chandler Innovation Center as well as startups that have relocated to that area. Companies there have a robust foundation of skilled software engineers, programmers and systems analysts. Along with the nonprofits, our programs can enhance employment emotional intelligence and workforce engagement for productivity and retention. The move to the Chandler and adjacent Gilbert allows us to expand into:

    • Tech company startup support infrastructure
    • Talented labor force and higher education and workforce training partners
    • With a wide range of affordable housing options within a 15-minute drive time of all predominant employment corridors, attracts solid employers
    • An excellent environment for data integrity
    • Outdoor activities and walk friendly communities with the image attractive to Millennial workforces

    WBCC is one of the nation’s only coaching companies where the coaches are also gerontologists. WBCC designs programs for businesses with the ‘wave’ of Boomers that are blending the next chapters of professionalism with civic engagement. WBCC constructs business solutions around the achievement of business goals, the integration of a multi-generational workforce, and the integration of a diverse cultural labor force. These programs eliminate imprecise administrative thinking to synchronize ideas and goals for large-scale systems change, both locally and nationally. They bring their business knowledge from Virginia to the greater Arizona area to serve businesses in their efforts to be provide excellent environments for the collaboration of the multi-cultural and multi-generational workforce.

    About Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting:

    WBCC has a seasoned team shaping the renewal and resilience of daily life, increasing self-identity, and assisting in the transitional life chapters of all workforces. A unique service of our company is ontological coaching, instead of just performance coaching. Ontological coaching is a structured yet personalized process of guidance using all the elements of language skills, body disposition and the impact of emotion on decision-making.

    Bradley Morgan and Stephan Marais are certified professional coaches through the Professional Coaching Certification (PCC) programs of Newfield Network. They are members of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Phoenix Chapter of ICF Coaches, the International Longevity Center (ILC); and, are the former editors of the Web page for “Transforming Aging, Elder Care & Security” in the state of California, founded by Senator John Vasconcellos.


    Press Contact:

    Stephan Marais, PCC, MBA
    Company Name: Walks Beside Coaching & Consulting
    Email: sfm@walksbesidecoaching.com
    Phone: 703-297-0170
    Website: www.walksbesidecoaching.com

  • How to Lead Without Knowing Everything (0) June 27, 2017 Bradley Ann Morgan

    This article by Bradley Ann Morgan was published in the Arizona Business Gazette-yahoo.

    How to Lead in Business How to lead without knowing everything