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  • Coaching Civilians on Military Bases

    Coaching Civilians on Military Bases

    Distributed Accountability Promotes Success

    Client Challenge: Not only as military base realignment has led to specific base closures; but, for those that remain open the number of employed civilians has increased. Military bases now rely on civilians to fill many in-demand positions, including human resources, engineering, commissary supply, nursing in healthcare clinics, and budget support. As civilians are not enlisted personnel reporting to the base commander, departments and work teams were finding it difficult to accomplish assignments when the ultimate decision makers were distributed throughout the base units.

    After our assessments, we understood the elements that delayed timely decision making for these teams:

    • The work teams did not have ultimate decision making power, consequently they did feel not accountable for the planning and project strategies. They did not feel involved so they missed critical planning meetings.
    • The newly hired civilian staff felt the culture was one of ‘fear’. If they made any mistakes, they would be severely punished. The result of this mood of fear removed any initiative for creative ideas on how projects could be accomplished in a timelier manner.
    • From our observation at combined team meetings, we did not hear verbal communication that encouraged leadership behavior and accountability.

    Our Solution: We proposed the method of distributed power among team members. As a highly recognized method of self-governance, decision making enabled within the work groups improved their time and budget deadlines. Also, we helped the teams identify significant working practices that specified what process the team leaders would do to arrive at decisions, how they would promote visibility for the members, how their culture would be shared and nurtured by all, thus, strengthening the team’s identity with empowerment.

    Their Results: At the conclusion of the 4-month program, the work teams appointed team leaders; and, connected with other unit staff more often, not just in times of trouble. They re-enforced that value could be produced from a culture where trust is nurtured and all care about the bases’ end goals. To sustain themselves, the team members now knew what they could make happen without undue ridicule or blame for creativity.

  • Increasing Small Business Visibility

    Increasing Small Business Visibility

    Spa Products Distribution & Profits

    Client Challenge: A small woman owned business, in Santa Fe, NM, wanted a larger distribution and prominence for the herbal based spa product line she produced.  She explained her first challenge was positioning the products against the brand name competition; and, she desired the product line to be utilized by the major resorts in the greater Santa Fe and northern Taos area.

    Our Solution: Specifically with Stephan’s assistance, these processes were implemented:

    • Arranged several radio interviews detailing the healthful constituents of the spa products and the uniqueness of the elements in the line from the NM region.
    • Scheduled marketing sessions with the larger tourist resorts and distributed samples for them to use in their facilities for a month.
    • Revamped the manufacturing processes for increased production and hired additional staff to meet greater product supply.
    • To gain neighborhood familiarity, she provided personnel to demo and sell the body lotions inside the leading Whole Foods health department.

    Their Results: In the next four months, she was selected as the premier provider for spa services in five of the major known resorts in the greater Santa Fe and northern Tesuque territory.  Annual sales increased by approximately 30% and the owner was then able to finance another manufacturing facility.

  • Breaking the Pattern of Frustration with Somatic Coaching

    Breaking the Pattern of Frustration with Somatic Coaching

    Data Defense Contractor

    Client Challenge: The company’s software engineers met weekly to continue coding the next release of their product. The meetings had become unproductive and two of the lead engineers were expressing intense frustration to the point of total work stoppage. The team leads stated these issues:

    • The three software teams could not collaborate their actions into the next phase of the product as they magnified each problem and,
    • Each team had become paralyzed for further action resulting in dispiritedness of why they should meet together—it was ‘no use’; and,
    • Four key programmers had ceased to attend the weekly conference meetings as they perceived there was no fair process and they were not being heard.


    The Solution: After interviewing each of the team lead engineers, my partner and I assessed that certainly these groups were tremendous cerebral thinkers. As a ‘collective think tank’ their usual routine was to solve every problem in their heads. Most of them had not previously participated in any physical sport so they were unaccustomed to utilizing body movement, tapping natural rhythms for problem resolution.

    We introduced them to several techniques of Tai Chi, enabling them to release frustration, escape the self-imposed boundaries of brain centered activity; and, revitalize blood flow to the entire body (including the brain) when they had been in a sitting position for a considerable time.

    Their Results: The teams moved their weekly meetings to the cafeteria in the early mornings to begin their sessions with the energizing movements of Tai Chi. They agreed to work for 45 minutes, then perform 10 minutes more of functional exercises to renew brain capacity and relieve stress. The teams agreed for 30 minutes more software work for closure of software issues for the following week. To date they have sustained this model of collaborative work and are advocates for teaching other departments the techniques.

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