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  • Increasing Small Business Visibility

    Increasing Small Business Visibility

    Spa Products Distribution & Profits

    Client Challenge: A small woman owned business, in Santa Fe, NM, wanted a larger distribution and prominence for the herbal based spa product line she produced.  She explained her first challenge was positioning the products against the brand name competition; and, she desired the product line to be utilized by the major resorts in the greater Santa Fe and northern Taos area.

    Our Solution: Specifically with Stephan’s assistance, these processes were implemented:

    • Arranged several radio interviews detailing the healthful constituents of the spa products and the uniqueness of the elements in the line from the NM region.
    • Scheduled marketing sessions with the larger tourist resorts and distributed samples for them to use in their facilities for a month.
    • Revamped the manufacturing processes for increased production and hired additional staff to meet greater product supply.
    • To gain neighborhood familiarity, she provided personnel to demo and sell the body lotions inside the leading Whole Foods health department.

    Their Results: In the next four months, she was selected as the premier provider for spa services in five of the major known resorts in the greater Santa Fe and northern Tesuque territory.  Annual sales increased by approximately 30% and the owner was then able to finance another manufacturing facility.

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