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  • Trust Your Own Judgment

    Trust Your Own Judgment ebook workbook by Walks Beside CoachingAnyone who has been paralyzed facing a critical decision, whether personal or professional knows that information and time are crucial for success.  As David Welch, Ph.D., professor of political science at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, explains, “People who aren’t self-reflective are going to end up making bad decisions because they don’t really know what they want in the first place.”  An overload of information, including the ‘small stuff’ can derail you in the decision making process and cause you to rush into a decision you may regret.

    We’ve all doubted ourselves occasionally.  But, if you doubt your own judgment so often that you are considered indecisive, use this workbook to develop your decision making processes.  The content here will help you use your reflective intuition, quiet unsettling emotions; and, develop procedures, uniquely yours, that you can use now and in the future.

    Trust Your Own Judgment

  • 40 Reflective Sessions

    40 Reflective Sessions

    40 Reflective SessionsWhatever you hope for or want to change in your life, remember life is happening ‘right now’! Do you find yourself wanting everything to pause or stop so you can catch your breath? The narratives in this book may be the opportunity you need to pause for reflection about your core values, revisit your internal vision statement, or discover suppressed gifts you haven’t used for wholeness.

    There is no order to the topics. Choose the topic that resonates with where you are today. Use the questions after each narrative as an opportunity for reflection as how to validate yourself and create the outcomes you truly desire.
    40 Reflective Sessions

  • The Home of the Heart

    The Home of The Heart – The Celebration of The New Home

    Home of the HeartAre you struggling to help a parent or beloved Elder in your family transition to an assisted living community? Once the decision is made to move, the need to revitalize the continued contribution of life is still there, if not more so. With this book’s guidance adult children or caregivers, can assist in not only the relocation process, but the renewal of everything that is a root value for the Elder, even revel in the new freedom of exploits! Each section of the book addresses specific parts of a six month journey to strengthen the personal spirit, recognize mood states & their impact on future actions; and, renew the transfer of personal gifts into the community. Using a method of coaching, you can develop an action plan that assists your Elder in taking the appropriate steps to create a vital life in their new home, even before the move is in progress! Subsequently, each week you and your loved one will discuss their feelings, their fears, and their satisfaction in creating their special space of harmony that will be meaningful for them in the years ahead.

    The Home of the Heart

  • Heart and Core

    Heart and CoreHeart and CoreAn Exploration of Values

    How do we, as humans, shape the future for ourselves, our organizations, and our customers by demonstrating core values? How do we as high achievers not only achieve the best in our job performance, but add our unique personal signature to corporate core values? This book can guide you and your organization’s teams to identify the many influences on your personal core values, align these with your company’s core values; and, assist you in developing strategies for your company and respective departments to tap your unique gifts.

    View a sample of the book below.

    Heart and Core

    This is a sample of Heart and Core.  The Director of Training  for Toshiba, Tony Codianni, says “different people are motivated by different things.  I have to understand their core values.”

Books We Recommend

Even Eagles Need a Push by David McNally

Gifts Differing by Isabel Briggs Myers

Self Esteem by McKay & Fanning

Servant Leadership by Robert K. Greenleaf

Heart At Work by Jack Canfield & Jacqueline Miller

Culture Matters by Harrison & Huntington

Connect for Success by Steven Lurie, PhD

The Complete Leader by Ron Price & Randy Lisk