Carol GoldsmithCarol Goldsmith, PCC, NLPT, is a recognized thought leader and innovator in the coaching field.  Her models and methodologies – which blend brain-based science with adult learning theory – are being used successfully by coaches and leaders on four continents.

Carol’s coaching approach is changing conventional wisdom on how to succeed. Rather than role-modeling others, she helps clients “self-model” their own direct experience.  Suddenly strengths, skills, and best practices that had gone unnoticed are recognized as parts of a success process that can be adapted and applied in other contexts.  When past performance informs present action, the result is a positive Return on Experience™.  She is the developer of the Return on Experience (ROX) model, the Intelligent Outcome™ (the successor to S.M.A.R.T. goals), the 4-A Coaching-for-Managers model, and several advanced training courses for coaches.

Carol Goldsmith, The Discovery Coach

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