Dr. Stuart Heller, Walking Your Talk

Stuart HellerDr. Stuart Heller is CEO of Walking Your Talk.  Dr. Heller is a Ph.D. in Psychology and Health Systems Science and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate.  Dr. Heller with the first generation of what was communicated in hands-on silence with the client lying down, an approach blending qi healing and yoga visualization.
Stuart took his MA in Movement Psychology to expand the ‘Five Rings’ curriculum bringing the body to a transpersonal presence along with the language practices that are effective together.  After ten years teaching and developing graduate curricula, he went out into the field with both corporate and public programs to find out what people really wanted, in their own words, and what would it take for them to feel like they actually got it.  In the autumn of 1989, he met with Fernando Flores and was asked by him to co-lead his new upscale Leadership Program with the Five Rings of Power program.   Consequently, Julio Olalla and requested him to create the coaches version of this program for Newfield’s first coaching training.  He added the non-verbal (and missing) dimension of language to their “ontology of language” coaching.
Dr. Heller completed the NYU School of Engineering, holds a B.A. in Mathematics, a M.S. in Operations Research, was a Scholarship Student, Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theatre, a Certified Teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique, is Certified in Hypnotherapy, and was a Tutorial Student in Classical Chinese Medicine.

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